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yowza islamorada elliptical review






Price - Under $$$$

Review Summary

This is my Top Pick from the Yowza range. It features the unique design and features of the popular brand including the rotational handlebars. This is no gimmick - once you try a Yowza machine you'll be a fan. Value - at this price range it competes very well against the really expensive trainers. Now read my full reviews!

One of the newer, more progressive elliptical trainer manufacturers out there, Yowza is quickly gaining followers due to its innovative and well-designed high-end trainers, which are always packed full of new features and interesting programs.

Their flagship model, the Yowza Fitness Islamorada, is no exception. With this model they have really gone the extra mile. They have integrated every innovative solution they have come up with so far, and put them all into this top end machine.

Some of the features found on the Islamorada are unique to this model and you will not be able to find it on other elliptical trainers in any price range.

Monitor Weight Loss - Multiple Users

Right off the bat, this model stands out - with an innovative built in weight scale, which is wireless, and it informs you regularly about your progress and the number of pounds you have been able to drop - with up to nine user profiles.

The Best Console?

Speaking of information, this is the best console Yowza has been able to manufacture so far, and it beats most of the consoles found on competing elliptical trainers. Basically, it provides you with all the features and information you would ever need in a console, and then some.

yowza islamorada console

It is simply phenomenal and one the best we have ever seen on any elliptical trainer. The console is very user-friendly with a very clear and easily understood interface, so finding your way around it will pose no problem at all.

This Elliptical also comes with the popular pulse rate grips which are separate from the main handlebars. You can choose to monitor your heart rate using these, or you can use the chest strap monitor, whichever you prefer.

Among the luxuries you would expect on a machine of this caliber are the cooling fan and premium stereo speakers which will play your favorite music that will keep your workout entertaining.

The console has 12 pre-programmed workout plans and you can store up to nine different user profiles, which is really useful for active families. The pre-set routines are designed to be fitting for both beginner and advanced users, having different intensity levels and parameter adjustments. It stands out with an incline of up to 60% - tough enough for hardcore users!

Rotational Handlebars from Yowza

This elliptical machine also has Yowza’s trademark rotational handlebars for core training like no other - trademarked design - "Cardio Core Elliptical Machine". The handlebars are aligned diagonally, rather than vertically (as with most ellipticals) - the rotating motion adds to any workout, giving your core and especially your abs a good test!

Check it out on the video -

This technology has been pioneered by Yowza and really makes their top trainers stand out from the crowd. Personally, I love the difference this makes to using an elliptical - a change is always good! Their "Supercore Handlebars" - with their egg shaped rotating hand grips, designed to work your abs - are definitely No gimmick - they really add to your experience. Try it!

SureFit Foot Pedals!

Adding to the advanced workout are the self-pivoting foot pedals, which are designed to reduce stress and strain on your joints and tendons - great for knees and ankles.

Also, these aren't just any old foot pedal - they are SureFit Foot Pedals! Do they make any difference? Well, yes actually - the foot pads have soft gel inserts, so your feet will be very comfortable. Nice touch by Yowza - you would be surprised how many trainers have really hard and uncomfortable foot pads.

What's this Intelligent Weight Management?

One of the best things about the Yowza Islamorada is the Intelligent Weight Management system, which employs the already mentioned scale to measure your weight and calculate your BMI. This information is then sent to the trainer itself, which generates a unique workout with the goal of you losing weight more efficiently.

A lot of effort has gone into the design of this system - and it is really interesting. For anyone really into the tech side of things they will love it. Personally, I like to do things a little more manually - which of course you can on this model.

Max and Minimum Size?

The recommended maximum user weight supported by this trainer is 400 pounds. For all its sophisticated design, this elliptical trainer is incredibly sturdy and durable. It feels robust and very stable - even when you are pushing it hard.

One potential problem I have read on online reviews of the Islamorada is that smaller people can have issues. The machine is quite large and people under 5' 2" may feel stretched using the handlebars. I can't comment personally - I'm 6'2" !!

Features and Specifications :

  • SuperCore Patented motion handlebars
  • 19"-30" Electronic Adjustable Stride
  • ​0-60% Electronic Adjustable Incline
  • ​Advanced, user-friendly console
  • ​IWM - Intelligent Weight Management software, wireless weight scale included
  • ​12 pre-set workout programs
  • ​Store up to 9 different user profiles
  • ​Heart rate monitoring - grip or straps
  • ​SureFit Soft Pivoting Foot Pedals - love these!
  • ​Dimensions: 69 x 33 x 66 inches
  • ​Maximum user weight: 400 pounds
  • ​Cooling fan
  • ​Built-in premium stereo speakers
  • ​Warranty: lifetime for the frame and braking system; 7 tears for parts and electronics; 2 years for labor - pretty good coverage.

Online Reviews

Our review of this elliptical trainer was also partly based on analyzing users reviews posted on various online outlets. The trainer was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The users have praised just about every aspect of this model. They loved the fact that the manufacturer has integrated every single innovative solution into one trainer.

islamorada review

They praised the rotational moving handlebars which allowed them to work out their upper body in a new and intensive way. The same goes for the self-pivoting pedals, which minimize the risk of injury and strain. Did I mention I loved those too?

Also, those users who shared this trainer with members of their family, welcomed the fact that they could save up to nine different user profiles. The intelligent weight management system with wireless scale was easy to use and made for a more efficient exercising experience.

The buyers also appreciated the versatility which this machine provided, seeing as they could opt for a total body workout, or target specific muscle groups with ease. The adjustable stride length and incline added even more to the versatility of this device and put it among the very best in its class, if not the best.

This machine is a definite hit with the vast majority of users - as you would expect in this price range.

The one part which the users didn’t like in some cases seemed to be the assembly. Some found the machine difficult to assemble, and the entire process took a lot of time - with some users opting for professional help, because they gave up on putting the machine together themselves.

Also, this is a premium quality elliptical trainer and the price is quite high, and many won’t be able to enjoy the benefits provided by this fantastic piece of exercise equipment. I would argue it is good value for money - if you plan to use the trainer a lot.

Yowza Islamorada - Conclusion

The Yowza Islamorada Elliptical Trainer is definitely one of the best models on the market. Although in the medium high price range, it offers a lot of value, especially when compared with more expensive machines. Definitely one of my personal favorites and highly recommended.

The Good Stuff:
  • Adjustable stride length and incline
  • Innovative rotating handlebar design
  • Sturdy, high-quality construction
  • Advanced console
  • ​Maximum user weight of 400lbs
  • ​12 pre-set workout routines
  • Intelligent Weight Management System with wireless scale
The Bad Stuff:
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not cheap!
  • Not best for small users

Other Models from Yowza?

The Islamorada is my top pick from the Yowza range. I also have a full review of the Captiva at a little less money - if your budget is limited - it is a good value trainer.

The more expensive Miami does not offer much more in my opinion and so is not worth the extra expense. Likewise the cheaper models aren't the best value - it really comes down to the Islamorada or the Captiva .... in my humble opinion.

Look Out For...

New in 2015 - Yowza Navarre Elite - priced under $$$$

Look out for my review soon - see it here.