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brad beckwith picA little about this website …  and me!

My name is Brad Beckwith and I am a self confessed elliptical machine Fanatic! I got started using elliptical trainers about 5 years ago now, thanks to a recommendation from my physiotherapist. I was recovering from knee surgery after a rugby injury and needed a way to exercise which was kind to my knees – and so the elliptical journey began! Along the way I really got into these machines.

Why this site?

Well, over the last few years I have owned several machines – some better than others, but I wanted to share my opinions on the pros and cons of different ellipticals. I visited some elliptical sites and thought … maybe I could do that! Many of them just seemed too basic or were difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for.

Sometimes the biggest problem when researching these machines is that there are too many to chose from! So many different makes and models and then you start looking at the features – and some weird terminology.

I know when I was looking for my first home elliptical I was amazed at the range of machines available and the varied prices made me very cautious. You probably got your first elliptical experience in a gym on a top end machine – could something under a thousand dollars compare?

Well through this website I try to explain some of the important features to compare and try to manage your expectations.

You can get a pretty decent machine without breaking the bank but, like most things in life, you sometimes get what you pay for!

Start with the Reviews Page – it has a detailed buying guide listing the important stuff to look out for as well as links to the individual reviews of the most popular models. Everything is laid out pretty clearly so have a good look around.

I hope I have created a resource which can help you to get started and find that elusive – ideal elliptical!

You can check out my social profiles and video channel below or get in touch using the Contact Form. Thanks for stopping by!


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