Sole Elliptical Trainers – A Selection of their Machine Reviews

Sole Fitness are relative newcomers to the elliptical market. They are an established home fitness company dealing in North America and internationally for many years. Initially treadmill manufacturers, they have developed their range to include elliptical machines and exercise bikes. They have a strong presence in supplying Hotel chains as well as the home elliptical trainer market.

They have a small range of ellipticals – all front drive and built to a good standard – see below for our top picks in the Sole reviews. In the space of a few years they have managed to compete well with some of the more established brands, producing quality machines at affordable prices.

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They have two very strong elliptical models – the Sole E35 and the Sole E95 – both have been regulars on the Best Buy lists, for good reasons! We have listed all of the ellipticals on offer from Sole below but you might want to focus on the two models we have reviewed in full. In terms of quality and value for money these two models are all you really need to look at.

Our Top Picks from Sole Fitness

Sole E95 Elliptical Machine

This is truly their flagship model offering the best value in this price range. At just under $$$$ the E95 is one Sole E95of our favorites in this price range. For your money you get a machine which competes with models well above it in price. Sole have one model which is more expensive, the E98, but really it offers little more in terms of quality or features and we highly recommend sticking with the E95. It is very highly rated on Amazon and has topped the bestseller lists – this one really delivers on performance.

Check out our full review of the Sole E95 here.

The Sole E35 Elliptical

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the E95, you could do a lot worse than this little brother from Sole Fitness. sole ellipticals - E35Again, this model has featured as a Best Buy in the under $2,000 category – with high ratings on Amazon. It usually retails at under $$$ so although not exactly a budget model it does deliver great quality, performance and exceptional value for money.

Part of me believes that if you go this far you should really stretch your budget to the E95 but that may be selling the Sole E35 short a little. The truth is that if this was the only model available from Sole – I would recommend it without hesitation.

You should read our full Sole E35 Review here – compare the difference!

Best Rated Elliptical Models from Sole Fitness

Below is a full list of the Sole Elliptical range.

ModelOur RatingReviews
sole e20Sole E203 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
sole e25Sole E253.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
sole e35Sole E354 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
sole e55Sole E553.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
sole e95Sole E954.5 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
sole e98Sole E984 out of 5 starsMore Info

Sole Elliptical trainers have hit a real sweet spot in terms of their quality and pricing. They are not really considered at the budget end of the scale, but neither are they expensive. People soon realize that ellipticals require a certain investment for quality machines. Sole have identified the $1000 to $2000 price range as their target area and have produced two excellent trainers which over deliver.

There aren’t many machines in this price range offering more in performance or value for money. Clever marketing from a clever company. Bonus Tip – on the Sole Fitness website they have great assembly videos – very helpful when it comes to building them up! Back to Elliptical Reviews