Precor Ellipticals – Reviews of the Top End Machines

Precor are truly regarded as the top end of the scale in the elliptical trainer market. They manufacture other gym equipment including treadmills and bikes but ellipticals are their real specialty. Precor developed the first elliptical machine back in 1996 at their base in Washington State, U.S.A. and have continued to develop their products with quality and innovation as their core principles.

They have been leaders in terms of technology and innovation ever since with many Patents on their products.

They are market leaders in the supply of ellipticals to gyms, hotels, spas, health clubs and universities around the Precor Elliptical reviews logoworld. You have probably seen some of their machines in your local gym! In more recent years they have pushed forward with the development of a range of elliptical machines for home use. This is a fast growing and competitive market but Precor have already established themselves as a bench mark for quality.

Quality vs. Cost

Make no mistake, they don’t do cheap – but you can find real value for money if you are a serious user. I definitely don’t recommend them for light casual use, based solely on the cost of their trainers. If you plan to use your elliptical for intense, regular workouts and want a top end machine, Precor are hard to beat!

Precor Elliptical Ranges

Their main range aimed at the home use market is the EFX range featuring their patented rear drive and Crossramp technology. These are basically gym machines, for home use. Not small – and certainly not cheap – but some of the best machines you can buy.

AMT Range – Adaptive Motion Trainer series. These look and feel quite different giving a completely unique feeling of floating whilst working out. They are great for really intensive use – and for injury recovery – as their system even further reduces strain on joints. They are expensive but once you try one you will want it!


In my series of elliptical machine reviews I had included the Precor EFX 5.23 and 5.25 models as top recommendations. Unfortunately these models have been discontinued and replaced with updated models. They are still available from Amazon but not for long. I have added reviews of the new versions – always trying to keep up! The older reviews are still here – so check them out – the EFX 5.23  and the EFX 5.25 Reviews.

In With the New Precor Reviews!

The Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Review

This is my top pick from the Precor range, if you can afford it! If you have shopped around looking at quality ellipticals, you’ll realize that this one is not overly expensive – but it certainly isn’t cheap. What you will get with this machine is pure quality.precor 222 reviews

Precor technology and features make this an outstanding trainer in this price range – the best buy in my opinion (and others). I place it above the slightly cheaper EFX 221 because this one has moving handlebars – no point in static handlebars in a machine in this price range – in my opinion!

With 10 advanced pre set workout programs, automatic CrossRamp and 16 resistance levels this one will suit every level of user. The one thing I can never get across in a review is the feel of the machine – you really do need to try one to experience the difference in quality.

Read my full Precor EFX 222 Review for a lot more information – even if it is out of your price range.

Precor EFX 425 Energy

If your budget can take it, this machine is another serious step up in quality. This is true gym equipment for your home and I recommend that you are a serious user if you are considering buying this trainer. Price range –  $$$$$ – getting near the top!

For your money you get outstanding quality and features including: moving handlebars, 20 resistance levels, motorized CrossRamp, 10 programs and more statistics than you’ll ever need! All with the ride you’ll recognize from Precor.

The Precor EFX 835

I simply couldn’t resist including this model in my elliptical reviews. The cost of this model means this is not going to be on everyone’s list but why shouldn’t we dream? This is a commercial gym quality machine and when compared with the competition at this price range it actually looks like good value (I know!). If you are a serious elliptical junkie and can afford it, this is my ultimate dream machine. Five minutes on this one and you will be hooked. Have a look at the full EFX 835 Review to see what I’m talking about.

The AMT 835precor amt 835 review

With their Adaptive Motion Trainers you really do get something different – I’ve picked out the Precor AMT 835 elliptical. You’ll see a difference right away, but more importantly, you’ll feel it when you start to use this machine. Very different to the EFX machines.

Again, prices are going up in this range – well beyond most people’s needs – but you should have a look, just for fun.

The Precor Elliptical Range

Below is a list of the home elliptical trainers available from Precor with ratings and links to their reviews. Precor also have a commercial range for Hotels, gyms and health clubs etc.

ModelOur RatingReviews
Precor EFX 5.234 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
Precor EFX 2224.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
Precor EFX 5.255 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
Precor EFX 4254.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
Precor EFX 4474 out of 5 starsMore Info
Precor EFX 8334 out of 5 starsMore Info
Precor EFX 8355 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
Precor AMT 8355 out of 5 starsMore Info

There is no such thing as a cheap or budget elliptical from Precor but that does not mean they do not provide value for money. These trainers are definitely aimed at more experienced, regular users.

For more casual use you should be looking at cheaper machines with less advanced features. Remember that with Precor Ellipticals you have a long warranty and the build quality is extremely high – these machines will last for many years even under intense use. That’s part of what you are paying for!


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