Keeping Yourself Fit During Travel – My Top 5

Whether it’s a business trip or vacation, sometimes it may be difficult to keep in shape when you’re out of town. After all, you may work primarily in a gym, and even if you don’t, it’s hard to pack up all your equipment when you travel. The first way to deal with this problem is to look into the hotel you want to stay at and the area surrounding it.

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Many hotels have their own gyms that are free for guests. Or there may be a nearby gym that will allow you to work out with a one-day membership. If none of those options is available, you can do some workouts in your room. It requires no equipment and as free for you to do.


Push-Ups are the perfect chest exercise, and can also deal with your shoulders, back, and triceps. In addition to that, you can practically do them anywhere! You just need a flat surface. If you want all your muscles to be used, place your hands shoulder-width from each other and do push-ups. Then, do some with your hands on your rib cage that’s right next to your body. Finally, do some using your hands together.

There’s another kind of push-up called the incline and decline. To give you a sample, put your hands on the bedside and put your feet on the floor, together. These will chisel your upper body muscles and even your abs.

If you want to do a decline, lay your feet on the bed or a chair. Meanwhile, your hands should be on the ground, and your body should be in a straight line from the ankles up to the head. Bend the elbows while lowering the body. The chest should be almost kissing the floor. Stop for five to ten seconds and then return to the position you were at. Do two or three sets of 15 reps and include all the push-ups.


Squatting is the best choice if you want to give your lower body some love without having to deal with equipment. Squats give your quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes some love, and they’re not that difficult to do.

If your room has a mirror, all the better. This will allow you to keep your form. Your feet should be apart at a shoulder width, and your toes should be forward. Stretch your arms out in front of you so that you keep balance and form. Your weight should be at your heels. Sit back, almost as if you’re on an invisible chair. Your thighs should face parallel to your floor. Stop for ten seconds and return to your position. Do three sets of 15 for starters, or four sets of 25 if you’re feeling brave.

The upper arms, or triceps, can be a problem area for many, usually for women, but toning up the triceps can easily be done performing by performing dips. Unlike many tricep exercises, dips target every portion of the muscle so you get the most out of your limited space and time.


To do this, your back should be faced to the bed, almost as if it was your bench. Put your hands behind yourself and on the bed, chest-width apart. Stretch your legs in front of you. For a real challenge, put your feet on something higher than your floor. Anyway, keep yourself lowered and soon your elbows will be at a 90 degree angle. Push yourself up and straighten the arms. Two sets of 15 reps should be good for this workout.


This underrated workout is another great lower body exercise, giving you as much of a challenge as squats. To do this, you have two options: walking or in-place. Since your room may be a bit small, we’ll just do in-place lunges.

Put your feet together and make sure your back’s straight. Put the hands right on your hips and step forward. Keep yourself lowered, and your thigh should face parallel to the floor. Stop, go back to the starting point, and then repeat with your other leg.


Finally, you need to finish your epic workout by doing a core exercise. It’s a quick alternative to doing a bunch of crunches, and it improves your abs in addition to your lower back. It is essentially a lower core miracle.

Lie face down and keep yourself propped up using your toes and forearms. Your body will be flat, almost like a plank. Keep your abs held in, and stay that way for 30 seconds. It may take less if you can’t handle that. Keep in that position for as long as possible, take a 15-second break, and repeat two times.

So as you can see, these exercises keep you fit no matter where you go or how busy your schedule. It doesn’t have to be a hotel room. On a snow day or a holiday where the gym’s closed, you can do these exercises at home or wherever you please. Keep yourself chiseled no matter what!

Brad Beckwith

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