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Review Summary

This is a budget model in the EX range from Horizon Fitness - a slight step below the popular EX 69-2. Although these models have been largely taken over by the newer Horizon Evolve and Elite ranges, they still offer good value at the lower price ranges.

At just over $ this is a decent entry level trainer.

The reason elliptical trainers have been so popular lately is because they allow for total body workout you would get in a gym. Many people prefer the comfort of their own home during the workout, and by purchasing a home elliptical trainer, they get the best of both worlds, and this kind of exercise equipment is getting better and more affordable every day.

This machine allows most people to be able to afford that home elliptical - pricing to suit tighter budgets! Of course you can't expect gym quality but you can still have a worthwhile workout with the EX 57.

Decent Features

Make no mistake, this machine is capable of giving you a difficult workout, with great results, as it allows you to choose between 8 levels of resistance which are regulated electronically. This is done by employing a 14-pound flywheel which provides momentum and resistance to arm grips and foot pedals, without sacrificing fluid motion and quiet operation.

In order to achieve the desired results, the Horizon EX-57 Elliptical machine also has 9 goal-oriented programs, one of which will surely fit your requirements. For example, you are allowed to set one of three different types of goals (duration, distance or calories burned). All the necessary information will be displayed via LCD panel, providing you with essential feedback and helping you determine a perfect workout routine for yourself.

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The trainer’s heavy-duty flywheel is designed to provide you with uninterrupted motion, which feels smooth and continuous, as opposed to other trainers at this price, whose motion can feel a bit choppy. Furthermore, the flywheel itself does not make much noise, and makes for a very quiet workout - important for some people!

The EX-57 also uses magnetic brake technology for the purpose of providing constant resistance while you exercise. This model has one major benefit when compared to other trainers: its flywheel is mounted above the pedals, rather than in line with them, which allows for lower step-on height, which gives you better access.

Additionally, the device has a longer stride, which feels more natural and unrestricted, regardless of the workout, user and experience level, and it’s suitable for use in any room, even those with low ceilings, such as basements.

The Horizon Fitness engineers designed the unit by using the human body as the starting point and built the machine around it, not the other way around, which is a method they call the Ergoflow elliptical geometry.

But, they have also thought about making the entire workout experience more natural and realistic, which is why they made sure to minimize the distance between the foot pedals to emulate the actual walking motion more closely, as well as installing a pivoting footpad which simulated the movement of your feet as you move forward.

Features and Specifications EX-57 Elliptical :

  • Electronic resistance
  • Resistance range: 1 to 8 levels
  • ​14.3-pound flywheel for fluid, quiet motion
  • ​Step-on height: 9.8 inches
  • ​Stride length: 18 inches
  • ​Pedal spacing: 2.8 inches
  • ​Screen: Non-backlit LCD (2.4 x 4.8 inches)
  • ​Programs: 9
  • ​Weight capacity: 275 pounds
  • ​Dimensions: 29 x 67 x 55 inches (W x H x D)
  • ​Unit weight: 163 pounds
  • ​Warranties: Lifetime on frame; 20 years on brake; 1 year on parts and labor

What Buyers Say :

We based our review of the Horizon EX-57 Elliptical Trainer on analysis of online user reviews posted by the users, sharing their experience with the device. This particular trainer garnered favorable reviews among the customers who bought it. Many of them praised the unit for its strong points, such as low step-on height which allowed for better access and more economical use of space.

They loved the smooth, continuous motion and the realistic feel which was provided by the flywheel and the foot pedals. Simulating a more natural movement made for fewer injuries caused by strain and stress on the joints. Also, this machine might be your best bet if you live inside an apartment, because it takes up much less space than its competitors, while still providing you with a total body workout.

Another big plus is that it also comes with lifetime warranty of the frame, a whopping 20 years on the brake and 1 year on parts and labor, which is impossible to beat.

The negative aspects of the trainer, as reported by some users, are the heart rate sensors built into the handlebar grips, which often had trouble picking up pulse due to low sensitivity. The machine is otherwise very quiet, but the beep signal it makes when you complete your workout is simply too loud. Also, taller users complained that the stride length is too short - a common problem with budget range machines.


All things considered, the Horizon EX-57 will provide you with a decent quality workout, but also with a smooth stride and low-impact motion. A lot of work has been put into making the motion more realistic and it shows.

There are some minor flaws, but none of which have to do anything with the original purpose of the device, which is to give you a proper workout and get you in shape, and this offering from Horizon Fitness definitely earns a recommendation because of that.

Good value for the money and definitely provides a true elliptical machine experience.

The Good Stuff:
  • Low step-on height.
  • Flywheel provided continuous and smooth resistance.
  • Decent Console.
  • ​Takes up less space than some similar products.
  • Exceptional warranty
The Bad Stuff:
  • The beep signal marking the end of workout is too loud.
  • Heart rate monitor sensor is not sensitive enough.
  • Not ideal for tall users.

Others from Horizon?

The EFX 69-2 is actually the higher spec. machine but amazingly is now cheaper than the EX 57 on Amazon! A good deal while it lasts.

The real gems, and getting into high quality machines, are in Horizon's newer Elite and Evolve trainers - these are a step up in price (of course!) Check out the full range from Horizon here.