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Looking to build or expand your home gym, and you want to do it in such a way that will provide you with good equipment without being too hard on your budget? Among the most interesting elliptical trainers in the Lower price range is the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer.

This machine has a higher spec. than the EX 57 but that is not reflected in the pricing! Great value to be had, making this an even better buy.

Surprisingly good quality workouts from a machine at this price - that's why it is worth a look.

The EX-69-2 Elliptical is an equally good fit for your home gym, as well as for workout enthusiasts at any level who appreciate the benefits of low-impact training. As far as sturdiness goes, it fits somewhere in the middle of the range, being able to handle users that weigh up to 300 pounds.

This model is designed to provide you with a total body cardio workout, because it combines exercises for both upper and lower body. Working out all muscle groups at the same time is also carried out in a single smooth impact-free motion, which will minimize strain on your joints and eliminate the risk of injury.

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The recent rise in popularity of elliptical trainers is due to the fact that they allow for a workout that will effectively increase your heart and lung capacity, by targeting specific muscle groups, and burning excess calories.

This machine from Horizon Fitness comes with 20 levels of magnetic brake resistance which are implemented into the unit itself. This system has the edge of over other similar mechanisms because it offers better reliability, low maintenance costs, quiet operation and zero friction during the workout.

Integration of a 14.3lb flywheel provides the EX-69-2 elliptical with a smoother stride, and the trainer is also equipped with rubberized footpads which offer more grip and generally make your exercise more comfortable and less stressful.

Speaking of comfort, this elliptical trainer is also equipped with the COOLfit™ cooling fan that provides much needed breeze which will cool you down as you work out. As with most cooling fans on ellipticals, don't expect too much!

Among other creature comforts are the MP3 port which lets you dock your MP3 player, and your favorite tunes will be played back through built-in Sonic Surround™ stereo speakers. Also, there is a water bottle holder, which will help you stay properly hydrated while you exercise.

It also features the ever popular heart rate monitor which is integrated into the handlebar grip, and it allows you to determine when you are in the fat burning zone. All the data collected by the heart rate monitor will be displayed on the backlit LCD panel, along with all the other crucial workout data.

There are a total of 10 workout programs you can choose from and you can find the one that is the most effective for you. The Horizon 69-2 also uses ZEROgap™ technology developed by Horizon that provides the user with perfect pedal placement, seeing as there is zero distance between the two, and which results in lesser stress on your back and lower body.

Features and Specifications :

  • Product Dimensions: 75 x 24 x 66 inches
  • Low 10-inch Sure Step step-on height
  • ​Cool fit fitness fan
  • ​MP3 port
  • ​Built-in stereo speakers
  • ​14.3 pound flywheel, magnetic brake resistance
  • ​1-20 electronic resistance range
  • ​20-inch FLAT ellipse foot pedals
  • ​LCD Backlit Display
  • ​Magnetic Brake Resistance
  • ​10 program options
  • ​Contact grip heart rate monitor
  • ​300 pounds user capacity
  • ​Lifetime warranty for frame and brake; 1-year for parts and labor

What Online Reviews Say?

As usual with our elliptical machine reviews, we like to check out what other online users think - it helps give a balanced view of the quality and reliability of the machines.

The device was met with generally favorable reviews among the customers who bought it. They have praised many aspects of the EX-69-2 elliptical. According to user experience, it was very easy to assemble, with all the parts labeled properly, and a well-written assembly guide. The unit can be put together in under two hours, and for those who are a bit more handy, even less.

They also praised the 20” stride, which is very unusual to see on a mid-range trainer, as they usually come with a shorter, 18” stride.

69-2 horizon fitness ellip

The users also praised the zero-impact motion and quiet operation, which are among the best in its class. An LCD panel provided users with much needed information and feedback, enabling them to plan out their workout in accordance to the data captured by the heart rate monitor.

The build quality was also satisfactory, as there were no reports of the unit breaking down or malfunctioning.

On the downside, the machine is not as quiet as you might expect, as some models made a clunking noise during operation, which is not exactly whisper-quiet, as the manufacturer advertised. However, it was more than acceptable, and it didn’t affect the overall functionality of the trainer.

Horizon EX 69-2 CONCLUSION

The Horizon EX-69-2 we reviewed represents a good solution if you are in the market for an efficient, reliable, low priced elliptical trainer. There were no major concerns when we used it, and the trainer was pretty easy to assemble out of the box.

It has enough features to keep you engaged, and it is efficient enough, so you will be able to get in shape really fast. This is a piece of exercise equipment which we can recommend 100 percent.

The Good Stuff:
  • Sturdy build.
  • 20-inch stride length which is above standard for the price range.
  • Lifetime warranty for the frame and brake.
  • ​10 pre-set workouts
  • ​20 resistance levels
The Bad Stuff:
  • Operation is not that quiet.
  • No high difficulty resistance programs.
  • Heart rate monitor not sensitive enough.

Other Models from Horizon

Horizon have been developing their range of machines into the higher end of the market in recent times. Their EX 69-2 and EX 57 are the low priced versions. If you can step up your budget, they have some great advanced ellipticals in the Horizon Fitness Evolve and Elite ranges. Check out all their major models here.

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