Proform Fitness Elliptical Machines Reviewed

Proform Fitness have been making and selling quality home exercise equipment since the 1980's. They are now part of the Utah Based Icon Health and Fitness - giving them the backing of a huge manufacturing operation. As well as our favorite elliptical trainers, they also make treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes and fitness accessories.

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Proform Ellipticals are made to a high standard and are usually among the best seller lists online - they continue to innovate and are definitely right up the with the best known elliptical brands. Good news if you are buying their machines!

Right now they have three main ranges:

Front Drive

Their front drive series has greatly improved with the last few models - especially the Proform Endurance 520 E and 720 E. Add to the improved drive the fact that they have all the extras including iFit - which is actually a very good training app - and you can see why these Proform machines are so popular.

Rear Drive

One of the few companies allowed to use the patented rear drive systems - rear drive machines have long been recognized as giving a smoother ride and better balanced exercise. I really recommend that you try a good quality rear drive with a similar quality front drive machine to experience the difference for yourself - that's the only way you'll get what I'm talking about!

The 14.0 RE stands out in this range followed by the decent Proform Smart Strider 935.

Hybrid Ellipticals

I'm not really a big fan of Hybrid machines but the Proform Hybrid Trainer is so popular it must get a mention. There are loads of variations on the hybrid model coming out now but this model was the first and arguably most successful machine.

It is basically a 2 in 1 machine - both a recumbent exercise bike (sitting down) and an elliptical trainer (used in the upright position). I'm old school - I prefer one or the other, but I do see why this one is popular and it really is a good workout. It is incredible value and is well worth a look when money is tight.

My Top Picks from Proform Fitness

Proform 14.0 RE

The Proform 14.0 RE

This is the stand out machine for me - based on quality and price. To have the chance to own a rear drive elliptical this cheap is not to be sniffed at.

It is very good in terms of the workout quality and the only thing it lacks is some of the fancy features of the much more expensive machines.

Read my full 14.0 RE review here.

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Proform Endurance 720 E

This front drive machine would be my second choice from this maker. It looks and feels like a trainer in a much higher price bracket.

A great build quality and good warranty terms from a reliable company like Proform Fitness and it is very reasonably priced - you should take a look! It has enough variable settings and fancy features to keep most people entertained and enjoying their workouts.

All in all Precor have a deserved reputation for quality in the home fitness market. Their experience and the development they have pioneered over the last number of years is evident in the quality and features of their elliptical trainers - a good buy with a range of prices to suit most budgets.

The Best Proform Elliptical Trainers are listed below :

ModelOur RatingReviews
Proform Endurance 720E4.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
Proform 14.0 RE4 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
Proform Hybrid3.5 out of 5 starsRead Reviews
Proform Endurance 520E4 out of 5 starsMore Info
Proform Smart Strider 7353.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
Proform Smart Strider 9353.5 out of 5 starsMore Info
Proform 1110 E3 out of 5 starsMore Info
Proform 1310 E3.5 out of 5 starsMore Info

As always keep an eye on things - new models come out, older ones get reduced in price and we will try to keep you up to date!

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