Elliptical Articles

Elliptical machine articlesLooking for more information about elliptical machines? This section lists our information articles, covering lots more about elliptical trainers and using them to get in shape.

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We try to cover all of your questions and explain why ellipticals are such a great idea (although I am a bit biased!). Don’t forget to check out our main reviews page for the low down on individual models – but below I hope you’ll find some useful and interesting facts that may convince you to buy that first machine.

What’s So Special about Ellipticals – a good place to start

Ellipticals vs. Treadmills – always a hot topic!

Making the Most of Your Elliptical Trainer

The Benefits of Low Impact Cardio

How to Burn More Calories with an Elliptical

The Advantages of High Intensity Interval Training

Working Out at Home with an Elliptical


Keep checking back, the articles are updated regularly and new ones are added. We try to cover as much as possible and keep you up to date with the latest news about elliptical machines. Feel free to get in touch using our contact page – we welcome any questions and suggestions, so just reach out and help our site to grow.